Course: Incident and Emergency Management


This intermediate course specifically focuses on the occurrence of incidents and emergencies at events. The course is divided into two key areas:

  • Part 1 – focuses on the types of incidents and emergencies to prepare for as well as providing a list and template for plans.
  • Part 2 – provides practical advice on how incidents and emergencies are managed effectively.




  • Overview of Legislation and Guidance
  • Risk Perception
  • Crowd Hazards and Current Themes
  • Crowd Psychology and Observable Behaviour Part 1 – Core Principles
  • Capacity and Flow – Related Risks, Mitigation Tools and Planning
  • Capacity and Flow – Practical Application
  • Crowd Psychology and Observable Behaviour Part 2 – Emergencies
  • Evacuation, Invacuation, Lockdown

A certificate of completion is issued upon conclusion of training.

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