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Course Suitability

This course is suitable for anyone who works in the Irish Event Industry (Musicians, Crew, Technicians, Organisers, Suppliers, Volunteers, Security Personnel etc).


This course forms part of a training suite that has been developed by the Event Industry Association of Ireland (EIAI), supported by Powermill Solutions, to address some of the practical challenges presented by Covid-19.  The more we, as an industry, understand about this virus and its implications the better prepared we will be as events come back online.  This is why this induction course has been made available free of charge to all EIAI members (register for free here) – we believe it is crucial that everyone involved in our industry has the opportunity to learn as much possible about Covid-19 to ensure that we have the best chance of remaining open when given the opportunity.

Through education on roles and responsibilities, these training programmes aim to reinforce how collective responsibility can help protect the health and welfare of all those involved in the organisation of events and minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19 in our workplaces, at our events, and in our local communities.

The training suite includes:

  • EIAI Covid-19 Event Industry Workforce Induction (current course)
  • EIAI Covid-19 Event Compliance Officer Training (coming soon) 
  • EIAI Covid-19 Event & Venue Management Training (coming soon)  
While the Event Workforce Induction is suitable for anyone involved in the Event Industry we found that those taking on the role of a Covid-19 Compliance Officer or are in the role of an Event, Venue or Business Manager would need far more information.  As such, these courses will be delivered (in part) by a qualified trainer. If you would like to take either the Covid-19 Event Compliance Officer or Event & Venue Management Training please register your interest here.

All modules that are contained in the EIAI Covid-19 Event Industry Workforce Induction course are duplicated in both the EIAI Covid-19 Event Compliance Officer Training and EIAI Covid-19 Event & Venue Management Training courses. Participants who successfully complete the Event Industry Workforce Induction course will not be required to complete those module again. 

Course Aim

The aim of this suite of courses is to ensure that EIAI members are as well equipped as possible to deal with Covid-19.  It is by no means a definitive guide as we are learning more and more about Covid-19 each week.  We will be updating the course content over the coming months as more is understood. With that in mind course participants will be able to refer back to course content once they have completed the course.  We will also endeavour to notify all participants if any major changes are made – in response to the introduction of updated government guidelines for example. 

Course Content Overview

The content for this training has been drawn from a wide range of sources which have been referenced throughout.  We will continue to update course content as more material becomes available. We encourage any and all feedback regarding these courses – please do not hesitate in contacting us at hello@eiai.ie

Covid-19 has proven to be particularly challenging in the context of event management, it significantly impacts our ways of working, the way in which we plan and the way in which we manage our work and event spaces.  With the challenges ahead it is critical that everyone involved in our industry eco-system understands the implications of Covid-19 in their workplaces and what to expect as more activity begins to take place.

The EIAI would like to take this opportunity to thank the team in Powermill Solutions for all of their patience, guidance, and advice over the past 6 months. 

On Completion of this Course

On completion of this course participants will be emailed a .pdf certificate of completion along with a unique QR Code and certification code which enable employers to verify completion of this course. 

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