Our services enable customers to understand their unique threat landscape, proactively mitigate risk and respond appropriately to any issues or dynamic incidents that arise in the course of planning or delivering complex corporate events.


With intelligence-led planning, we use the latest information available to ensure that we rank and rate the project risks ensuring proportionate management capacity and the delivery of successful outcomes. A comprehensive location risk/threat assessment grounded in the scope and context of your event specifics, is the starting point of appropriate security, welfare and safety planning.

We have on-going location assessment modelling in place which is grounded with the scope and context of your event to support the appropriate security, welfare and safety planning around destination and venue position. This enables our customers to understand the unique threat landscape applicable to their event.


Our threat intelligence and risk management team is led by former specialist military, terrorism and intelligence professionals whose knowledge, experience and contacts allow them to develop focused reports that support the planning process.