Over the last decade Powermill Consultants have delivered successful outcomes to approximately 250 international corporate events for technology and financial sector clients. We regularly operate throughout Europe, the USA, and have also successfully delivered projects in Asia and Latin America. With this background we have direct and indirect contacts which allow us to resource your event with qualified and experienced personnel, as required. Powermill can manage, co-operate with, or have oversight of the security requirements as appropriate to the client’s needs.


We engage well in advance of any particular event to ensure we understand the scope and range of the requirements, thereafter providing a clear statement of works to direct or indirect event resource candidates based on advice and intelligence which provides the base modelling for an appropriate selection process for support partners. We have on-going continual assessment monitoring and data update to ensure we have the latest information regarding event resources in each location we coordinate events. 

We ensure, as part of our day to day process methodology, that we have on-going interaction and follow-up with all event teams, to ensure there is open communication, feedback and updates. After each event we will ensure we are a pro-active part of the debriefing process, to ensure the best practice is challenged and improved, which is shared with the client’s team.


In our local market, we are also able to provide additional services at events such as ATM cash dispensing, cashless payment and event controller personnel

We have a fleet of standalone vehicles, which have ATM devices within, allowing us to support your cash flow logistics for your festival or event. We supply the vehicle, co-ordinate the cash flow with your cash partner, and ensure that your customers have access to cash in a safe and secure environment. We also support your event with cashless payment terminals supported by our financial services support partners.