Powermill provides enterprise risk management with event preparation, advice, risk management, threat assessment and contingency planning to Global Corporate Organisations. 


Successfully supporting blue-chip multinationals with risk, security, crisis management advice, people flow and operational oversight for corporate events. Tier one corporate events are a dynamic endeavour which can and often do present unexpected challenges to the project team.

As your risk mitigation partner, we will typically be involved early in the planning process to provide ongoing holistic assessment of planned logistics, locations, venues and activities. Our consultants will serve as the focal point for health, safety, security & welfare and are always solution-oriented when challenges arise.

A comprehensive city risk/threat assessment grounded in the scope and context of your event specifics is the starting point and foundation of appropriate security and safety planning. Our risk assessment team is led by former specialist military/intelligence professionals who have the knowledge, experience and contacts to develop focused reports that support the planning process.

We have delivered successful outcomes at more than 250 international corporate events, in the Technology and Financial sector, with attendance from 1,000 to 25,000 people at events throughout Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America



As a knowledge partner with an atypical perspective, Powermill is uniquely placed to be your risk, health, safety, security, COVID and welfare management knowledge partner. We can lead your project team with experience and resource management gleaned from serving a wide range of tier one events across many markets around the world. 

Key Services: 

  • Pre contract destination and venue risk assessment
  • COVID Task Force coordination
  • COVID Secure strategic, tactical and Operational Event Management 
  • Event threat, risk assessment and mitigation planning 
  • Strategic, operational and continuity risk and security planning  
  • Selection, engagement and management of local security, medical and related vendors 
  • Development and provision of event working personnel accreditation 
  • Crisis management planning and support 
  • Onsite operational management 
  • Incident response and report handling 
  • Security liaison and logistics planning for VIP or talent participation
  • Audit of current safety practices and compliance monitoring
  • Training courses for COVID and Health, Safety and Welfare & Crisis Management customised for the Event Industry
  • 24Hr Helpline and Advice

In summary, we typically engage early and often with the client project team to ensure we develop a comprehensive understanding of planning and objectives. Each event program has its own unique considerations and we are here to help you proactively manage challenges that arise. Our partnership model is the key to our success and Powermill consultants are experienced and effective at representing our client interests in all scenarios. 



  • Threat, risk assessment and mitigation planning
  • Participation in onsite and offsite planning meetings and calls
  • Development and execution of event specific risk and security management plan
  • CCTV and physical resource sourcing and engagement
  • Crisis management team selection, planning and support
  • Provision and management of pre and post event accreditation
  • Advice on development of attendee accreditation planning
  • Supporting design planning in relation to people flow, crowd management and access


  • Operational implementation and oversight of security / safety strategy
  • Liaison with local stakeholders (venue, security provider, law enforcement…)
  • Distribution and management of project team & vendor accreditation
  • Formation, briefing and facilitation of onsite crisis management team
  • Critical incident management and accident investigation
  • Security liaison and logistic planning for VIP or talent participation
  • Implementation and monitoring of people flow and crowd management
  • Operational communication and reporting
  • Event Control management and safety officer.
  • 24/7 incident response, escalation and co-ordination


  • Pre contract destination and venue assessment
  • Mentoring, risk and security policy development
  • Training (crisis management, conflict management, crowd dynamics and counter terrorism)
  • Supporting procurement on sourcing and selection of local providers (Security, Medical)
  • Supporting and advising corporate security development
  • Provision of destination specific travel advice (executive support)
  • Compliance monitoring and audit of safety practices